Character Ages

Intrepid NarniaWebber Kaleb70 has extensively researched the ages of the main characters throughout the Chronicles of Narnia. Beware of spoilers for The Horse and His Boy and The Magician’s Nephew (when read in publication order).

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Peter: 13 – 28, Companion to Narnia timeline
Susan: 12 – 27, CtN timeline
Edmund: 10 – 25, CtN timeline
Lucy: 8 – 23, CtN timeline
Digory: 52, CtN timeline

Prince Caspian
Peter: 14, CtN timeline
Susan: 13, CtN timeline
Edmund: 11, CtN timeline
Lucy: 9, CtN timeline
Caspian: 13, Angelfire Timeline

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
Edmund: 12, CtN timeline
Lucy: 10, CtN timeline
Eustace: 9, CtN timeline
Caspian: 16, Angelfire Timeline

The Silver Chair
Eustace: 9, CtN timeline
Jill: 9, CtN timeline
Caspian: 66, Angelfire Timeline
Rilian: 31, Angelfire Timeline

The Horse and His Boy
Shasta: 14*
Aravis: 13, approximated from dialogue
Corin: 14, equals Shasta’s age
Susan: 26, Angelfire Timeline
Edmund: 24, Angelfire Timeline
Lucy: 22, Angelfire Timeline

The Magician’s Nephew
Digory: 12, CtN timeline
Polly: 11, CtN timeline
Uncle Andrew: 60, story text

The Last Battle
Eustace: 16, CtN timeline
Jill: 16, CtN timeline
Peter: 22, CtN timeline
Edmund: 19, CtN timeline
Lucy: 17, CtN timeline
Digory: 61, CtN timeline
Polly: 60, CtN timeline

* To determine Shasta’s age, we look to chapter 1, where Arsheesh reveals that he found Shasta as an infant in the same year that the Tisroc came to power. Second, in chapter 8, Ahoshta Tarkaan reveals that the Tisroc came to power in the same year that the White Witch’s winter ended. Third, the timeline at Angelfire places The Horse and His Boy 14 years after LWW. Therefore, in HHB Shasta is 14 years old.