‘Silver Chair’ Still a Possibility?

Inside Out has posted a a 32-minute podcast interview with Micheal Flahery (Walden Media president). The first five minutes are the most interesting for Narnia fans. Flaherty talks about why he thinks VDT’s box office started slow, the darkness in Prince Caspian, and finally gives an update on the status of the next film.


Last we heard, it sounded pretty certain that if they made another Narnia film, it would be The Magician’s Nephew. But here, Flaherty seems to indicate nothing has been finalized:

“We’re still in our conversations right now with 20th Century Fox, and the C.S. Lewis Estate who own the rights to all the books. We’re all trying to come to an agreement about which film to do next and how to film it. So, we’re waiting to see where that goes.”

Flaherty talked about book sales in his last update. Here, he gives another reason they are considering The Magician’s Nephew:

“But there are some elements in [the books] that are a little tough, and Caspian is the darkest, and Silver Chair is pretty dark too… physically and tonally. A lot of it takes place underground. That’s why, for the next one, we’re really hoping to go in the direction of The Magician’s Nephew.”

UPDATE 2: The clip is on our YouTube Channel. Listen below…

(1:50 – 5:14)

IO: [Dawn Treader] started out very slowly in the United States.

MF: “Yeah, very slow. Made for an agonizing opening weekend.”

IO: What do you think went on? Why do you think it was so slow?
MF: “People are just so busy at Christmas time. And we in Hollywood are so ego-centric. We feel like everyone can just drop everything they have, all their family commitments, all their Christmas commitments and dedicate themselves to seeing a movie on opening day. And we’re real impatient. But, eventually the movie stayed in the theaters and ended up doing really well. We were pleased with it.”

IO: It did much better overseas, didn’t it?
MF: “Three times what it did here. It’s quite a puzzle, and it’s fun because there’s so little research that’s done in Hollywood. You’re free to just forward as many theories as you want. And, I don’t really know why the disparity is. What’s interesting in the United States is, ticket sales almost exactly mirror the book sales. So the number of people who saw Prince Caspian was half the number of people who saw The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. And the book sales are half. The people who saw Dawn Treader was about a third less than the people who saw Prince Caspian. And the book sales are about a third less.”

IO: Prince Caspian was a bit darker and grim and violent.
MF: “Yeah, and this is the paradox when you want to do faithful adaptations. That book is a dark war kind of novel. And we actually pulled back a little. In one scene, Peter beheads a couple of people [laughs]. At the end they run into some Greek gods who give everybody wine and they get drunk. So it’s amazing because I think a lot of us, in our minds, have this perfect image of these Narnia books because we grew up with them. But there are some elements in there that are a little tough, and Caspian is the darkest, and Silver Chair is pretty dark too… physically and tonally. A lot of it takes place underground. That’s why, for the next one, we’re really hoping to go in the direction of The Magician’s Nephew.”

IO: You talk about mirroring the book sales. The Magician’s Nephew was the second-highest seller of the series, wasn’t it?
MF: “Yes. And pretty close, sort of nipping at the heels of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. It’s amazing and it’s a great origin story. And I like the way that Lewis did it and that’s what we’re trying to do with our film, which is: You actually start in the middle of the story, so then when you tell the origin it’s much more interesting. You can say to yourself ‘that’s where the lamp-post came from!’”

IO: Oh yeah, you can connect the dots on that which is always a lot of fun. What about production schedule and all of that? Do you have a script for this yet?
MF: “No, we don’t. We’re still in our conversations right now with 20th Century Fox, and the C.S. Lewis Estate who own the rights to all the books. So, we’re all trying to come to an agreement about which film to do next and how to film it. So, we’re waiting to see where that goes.”

Back in October, NarniaWeb posted a poll on the homepage asking which film should be made next. 86% voted for The Silver Chair (1,841 total votes).
UPDATE 1: We just added a new poll. Go back to the homepage and scroll down to the poll on the bottom-right.

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  1. Matthew says:

    I'm not sure if it has already been mentioned, seeing I couldn't be bothered reading all the posts, but why don't they do both MN and SC at the same time, because with the exception of Liam Neeson, there would be two seperate set of actors, and I'm sure they can get more crew people in to help out with the filming.

    • Anhun says:

      It's been said before, and the fact of the matter is that the money isn't there for making two risky movies. Box office in America is declining. If Narnia 4 sees yet another sharp decline it will be a serious money-loser.

  2. anonymous says:

    but by the time they finish MN the actors from VOTDT who will need to go in the SC will be to old.

    • Anhun says:

      Well let's look at the actors who carry over:

      Liam Neeson: He's a voice actor, and, even if he does sound a bit older, it won't make him any less effective as Aslan.

      Laura Brent: Even if they use her in a flashback sequence, she doesn't have to look the exact same age that she did in VDT.

      Ben Barnes: I'm pretty sure, even with a delay of a few more years, he'll still be young enough to play the resurrected Caspian. He shouldn't look dramatically different from the way he looked in VDT. If he does, they can always cut that scene out of it.

      Will Poulter: One could argue the point that he's already too old for Eustace. He's unlikely to look like that much older given a few more years delay. 20-somethings play teens all the time.

      • mrs beaver says:

        but even if it dosent make a differance to the SC it will to the LB (last battle) for other charecters eg Gorgei Hanley ect you will be able to tell they are 30's or even 40's when there suposed to be 20 … but make up would sort it.

        so i think they should make the MN last- after LB.

      • Anhun says:

        LB relies on MN for back story though. LB has to come last, if at all.

      • Olivia says:

        I seriosly encourge the silver chair because I'll be old if you do it after the Magicians nephew and I really want to try for the part Jill because:

        #1 when I FIRST read the lion the witch and the wardrone I was so sure they'd come up with movies(they did) (I was 5 or 6 then) and I thought to myself" when they make the silver chair I want to be Jill pole!" I told it to my mum she agreed I should be. I have been practicing jills part ever sinc and since then I have read the silvr chair 48 times over! Practiculy memorizing it ! DO THE SILVER CHAIR! (plz) thx:)

  3. kayli says:

    just like most narnia fans i have read all the books! and i think it would benefit the narnia fans/followers if they didnt make the magicians nephew at all because just like the harry potter films and other series of films the followers group up with the characters. so it would be better if they didnt go back to where narnia begin but kept following the story as it goes on with current cast, but adding new ones in to play characters such as gill. plus the people who havent read the books won't understand! And will get conffused!

    • Lucy the Valiant says:

      I think that they should make MN because it explains the professor to begin with. In Lion, witch, and wardrobe the professor acts as if he's been to Narnia before but you are still left with that doubt and the number of fans that would like them to make all of the movies. It is a very pivotal book in the series and is nessecary in explaining Narnia as a whole. I only wish they would continue making the movies in the order thay have made them so far but you take what you get and I have been fairly happy in their progress so far. Having actually made all of these movies and talking about making more is incredible. 🙂

  4. Tirian says:

    Well, I've just thinking for the MN problem: Maybe we can take a look to the 3 Lord of the Rings and their "The Hobbit". I mean, MN is the beginning of Narnia – so, it would be very good to place it as a prequel. I'm sure that there won't be any problem for the casts age.

  5. Eagle says:

    That's a mold-breaker. Great tkhining!

  6. Glace Queen says:

    I think that The Magician's Nephew movie should have been made first! After all it does take place before any of the others, but I think i'm alone on this one.

    • JOANNA says:

      You're not the only one who thinks The Magician's Nephew should have been made first, or at least second. It explains the WHY and HOW of all of Narnia and makes the rest of the stories 'sane'. And let's face it: what a PERFECT special effects scenario!

  7. newman says:

    loved the book – so hope it gets made.

  8. jariz says:

    its all right that the MN be showed not the first..just make it like the "underworld" style:)its all right as long as we can watch it.

  9. narniafan4life says:

    I think it should be SC and then MN they r both good books but to tell the story of MN and then SC would just confuse people… but what ever they choose i will b there when it releases here in the states just like with the last 3…………

  10. the biggest narnia fan ever says:

    I hope they make the SIlver Chair and the rest, just like the harry potter global success

  11. Olivia says:

    When I get a YouTube I'll be sure to tell narnia Webb the channel so the see how I can act:))I'm lovin narnia!!!!!♡

  12. Nataliya Nakashima says:

    I have been a fan since I was 11. And it's disgusting that every time I read a comment, it has to do with Caspain and lilliandil. First of all TEHY ARE NOT THE POINT OF THE BOOKS. THEY ARE NOT THE MAIN FOCUS!!!!! I personally think they should do MN because they want to focus on the moviegoers and not the bookreader. Remember they are thinking $. SC will NOT be succesful in America. no offense but I'm getting tired of seeing ben barnes on screen and want them to change things up a bit to make the movie much more interesting. I agree they should make SC because it comes next but at the same time, they want to be as succesful as LTW. They need to make the movie that will make bank. If they do the SC, if I see them focusing on liliandil and Caspian…well they lost a movie goer. i love these books but I just never cared about Caspain and liliandil. I know it sounds mean but its the truth. I only found one other person who agreed w/me on this. When I read the books, epecially the caspian triligies, I don't thin about him and his wife. What I care is what is Cs trying to convey in the book? What is he trying to express to the reader? What does he want us to learn? Not about a 2 pge romance and a 3 line thingy. Its sad that we will miss on so much if the SC is made, I'm so scared caspian and lillaindil will become the main focus! I not a fan of this laura brent, ben barnes is ok but if they need to reboot, well they need ot get started with lilliandil's. oh and a new name too. The girl made RD look easy. "Oh, I can transform myself if it bother you" somthing like that was said in the movie. Now if you DONT know the gravity of that line…shame on you. Rd was never conceited. Was never…i don't know but she never was meant to be easy for caspian. That was point CS made. Even though I think caspian's true love was Lucy.