Netflix’s Narnia Movies: What We Know

Netflix’s Narnia Movies: What We Know

Updated: Feburary 21, 2024

Netflix is developing new live-action adaptations of The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. This page will be updated regularly with the latest information.

The Director

Greta Gerwig (Lady Bird, Little Women, Barbie) is set to write and direct at least two Narnia movies for Netflix. At this time, the titles of the films have not been announced.

Unfamiliar with Gerwig? Here is what you should know.

I’m slightly in the place of terror because I really do have such reverence for Narnia, I loved Narnia so much as a child. As an adult, C.S. Lewis is a thinker and a writer. I’m intimidated by doing this. It’s something that feels like a worthy thing to be intimidated by. … As a non-British person, I feel a particular sense of wanting to do it correctly… it’s like when Americans do Shakespeare, there’s a slight feeling of reverence and as if maybe we should treat it with extra care. It is not our countryman.”

Greta Gerwig (Jan. 2024)

Matthew Aldrich was announced as the “creative architect” in 2019, but his involvement now seems doubtful.

Release Date

A release date and production schedule have not been announced.

A Brief History of Narnia 4

Walden Media

After The Voyage of the Dawn Treader grossed $407 million in 2010 (less than the previous two Narnia movies), Walden Media hoped to do either The Silver Chair or The Magician’s Nephew next, but ultimately lost the rights.

The Silver Chair

In 2013, The Mark Gordon Company announced they were developing a film adaptation of The Silver Chair. David Magee came on as the screenwriter, and Joe Johnston as the director.

The production petered out after a change in leadership at Sony and creative differences with Douglas Gresham.

What would this Silver Chair movie been like? Here is everything we know, and our exclusive interview with the screenwriter.

Enter Netflix

In 2018, Netflix acquired the rights to The Chronicles of Narnia, and intended to create “both movies and series.” This was the first time the rights to all seven Narnia books have been held by the same company. According to The Sunday Times, Netflix paid nearly $250 million.

In 2019, Netflix announced Matthew Aldrich as the “Creative Architect” of the project. As of 2023, his involvement seems to be in doubt.

The original press release included the word “universe” 3 times, which caused some fans to speculate that we would see original content that expanded on the canon of C. S. Lewis. Mark Gordon said, “the pitch [to Netflix] was that we would be selling not just one movie or one book as a series. There were 3,000 characters in Narnia. So there was this very ripe opportunity.”

Greta Gerwig

In 2023, it was revealed that Greta Gerwig is set to write and direct at least two Narnia movies for Netflix. The titles have not been announced, but based on comments from Netflix Film Chief Scott Stuber, a total reboot of the series appears likely.

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