The Voyage of the Dawn Treader Video Game Has Been Cancelled!

Posted July 12, 2010 1:27 pm by fantasia_kitty

Yep it’s true! For the past few weeks, there had been no word of a Dawn Treader video game of any kind. Even at the E3 Expo last month (which is a HUGE convention for video games) nothing was revealed, not even a mention of the game let alone a preview.

The last news we had heard on it was that Nihilistic Software was developing the Dawn Treader game, but it was based on the old leaked script (including the Lady of the Green Kirtle as the likely final boss you had to defeat).

NarniaWebber icarus contacted Nihilistic inquiring about the game and received a reply that the game has indeed been cancelled.

As to why the game was cancelled, Nihilistic was working on the game with Disney Interactive but when Disney left the series, the game was cancelled immediately. Because Fox has a different video game publishing strategy than Disney, it was decided not to continue on with it. icarus was also told that the termination of the game was very amicable and both sides were happy with how everything was resolved.

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  • ben says:

    i hope the new chronicals of narina game will be like the other two :)

  • Stuart Young says:

    if century fox get a game company will the game go on?

  • Caleb says:


  • Braden Woodburn says:

    I dunno if I have commented this or not. If so, I’ll just post again. But yes, I am SO VERY upset that as far as we all know at this moment, there isn’t going to be a Voyage of the Dawn Treader video game. What is questioning me is maybe just IF we get lucky, will they make a game eventually? I mean, LWW and PC were great in my opinion.. made by Disney or not. That I cared less about. But there are PLENTY of video game making companies I am sure could make the game.. or maybe if 20th Century Fox can give some thought of the idea they could make it themselves. Blah. Either way, I really do hope one is made. I’ve always LOVED to play games that are made after movies I love. Such as Harry Potter, Shrek, Toy Story, Resident Evil, and of course, Narnia! :)

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