About the Podcasters

Rilian– Rilian

NarniaWeb Position: Podcast Host/Editor
Joined NarniaWeb: August 2004 (Joined staff in April 2006)
Favorite Narnia Book: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
Favorite Narnia Character: Peter
History: I’ve loved the Narnian chronicles since my father first read them to me when I was around seven. The stories of children exhibiting bravery, chivalry and honour made an enormous impact on my life. Since then I have hoped against hope that someone would film the entire series. I first heard rumors back in 2002 that someone had acquired the rights and was planning to begin production within the next couple of years. I found NarniaWeb in 2003 and joined in August ’04 and eventually started up a podcast and recently a video blog. Outside of Narnia, I enjoy studying a myriad of subjects in relation to culture and apologetics in addition to studying film and media.

Gymfan15– GymFan15

NarniaWeb Position: Forum Moderator (Narnia Fan Art)
Joined NarniaWeb: June 2005 (Joined staff in May 2006)
Favorite Narnia Book: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
Favorite Narnia Character: Eustace
History: I’m a relative newbie to Narnia; having only read the books for the first time in the spring of 2005. I started following the movie process soon afterward, and the rest, they say, is history, with me now being a NarniaWeb moderator and the webmaster of my very own Narnia site, Spareoom.net. All that, in a little over a year from when I first read the books. That’s awfully fast, if I do say so myself. Outside of Narnia, I enjoy reading, writing and counted cross-stitch. I love contributing to various communication outlets such as the forum and the podcasts, and I hope someday to have a Narnia opinion blog of my own.

Glumpuddle– GlumPuddle

NarniaWeb Position: News Poster
Joined NarniaWeb: May 2004 (Joined staff in May 2005)
Favorite Narnia Book: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
Favorite Narnia Character: Puddleglum
History: My grandfather taught a college course on Lewis and Tolkien, so I grew up having a basic knowledge of what Narnia was and had most of the books read to me as a kid. I became a fanatic in early 2001 when I read the series all the way through for myself. The books bring back the magic of story time, and I love Lewis’ ability to explore complex concepts through fairly simple stories. After the Fellowship of the Ring film became a box office smash, I started doing frequent Google searches for “Narnia movie.” A few months later (early 2002), I heard a rumor about someone acquiring the rights and started following the news. In June 2007, I was given the incredible honor of visiting the Prince Caspian film set in Prague to write reports for NarniaWeb. I am currently in college majoring in Telecommunication with an outside concentration in Film & Media Studies.