Nicole Kidman as the White Witch

For the last several days the internet has been swirling with rumors that Hollywood starlet Nicole Kidman has been tapped to play the role of the White Witch in the upcoming Narnia film. Rumors seem to be turning to reality.

From the early days, it had been hinted that there would be no casting for the role of the White Witch but instead an invitation to a major Hollywood figure. On March 5th, the New Zealand Associated Press broke a story that Nicole Kidman had been sighted with Adamson’s crew in Christchurch on a whirlwind tour of New Zealand shooting locations.

The news spread quickly and many different news organizations began reporting the story. The BBC even picked up the story, saying “It’s heavily rumored that Nicole Kidman is to star as the wicked witch in the new Disney film ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’.”

On March 8th, IMDB reported: Kidman Signs for Narnia Movie?
Hollywood superstar Nicole Kidman has been signed to star in a new movie version of CS Lewis’ classic children’s novel The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe. Studio bosses at Disney – who are backing the project – were desperate for Kidman to play the White Witch, and her two kids with ex-husband Tom Cruise, Isabella, 11, and Connor, nine, convinced her to say yes. A Tinseltown source says, “Nicole’s kids don’t pay great attention to her career – she’s just mom to them. But when she mentioned she had been asked to star in the movie they went wild. They even asked for jobs as extras.”

Walden and Disney have not made any official announcements about any casting for the film.

Fan reaction to possibility of Kidman’s choice has been mixed but generally positive. Kidman brings a waifish creepiness to the role that many hail as being perfect for the White Witch who in C.S. Lewis’ story put the whole of Narnia into a spell which made it always winter and never Christmas. The story of The Lion, the Witch, and The Wardrobe is the tale of the breaking of that spell by Aslan, the Great Lion.

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