Weta Workshops In, Weta Digital Out

NarniaWeb has confirmed that Weta Workshops is working on the film but that Weta Digital is not involved. Weta Workshops, physical effects, is in charge of building props for the film, but the other half of Weta, Weta Digital, is not involved. Rhythm & Hues will be in charge of most of the computer animation for the film. A source at Rhythm & Hues confirmed that they were awarded the project two months ago, although it has just been announced in the last week.

A few small sequences may still be farmed out to other effect houses.

In other news a source at Lamp Post Productions has also confirmed that the shooting title has changed to “Paravel” from “The Hundred Years Winter”. Lamp Post Productions is the New Zealand-based production company for the film.

Thanks to Coracle for these timely updates!