Creating the Home of Mr. and Mrs. Beaver

IGN has their third exclusive Narnia Report covering the Beaver’s lodge. Here’s the last paragraph which discusses the interior of the beaver’s home:

In the film, director Andrew Adamson has envisioned the Beavers as rustic craftsmen, creating their home, furniture and tools from their surroundings, and trading with the local dwarves for other commodities. Many of the props and the general look of the lodge’s interior comes from Pauline Baynes’ illustrations of Lewis’ books, but the general feeling the art department wanted to create, in the words of lead set decorator Kerrie Brown, was that of “a rustic English countryhouse, but beaver-ized.” Accordingly, the furniture is makeshift, the Beavers’ living area is cluttered with miniature tools, fishing rods and collectibles, and Mrs. Beaver’s “homey” touch is responsible for the spun and knit textiles and homemade preserves.

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