New Book Covers to be Released Next Year

One of our many Narniaweb spies sent us a story from Houston TX. Here is what they wrote us:

Walking into the Christian Source in the Woodlands Mall, I noticed a display of Narnia books. Three very familiar pieces of artwork drew my attention. All three were printed on a computer printer. The top one was the Disney ad that appeared in a newspaper a few months ago. The second and third one appeared to have come directly from NarniaWeb’s multimedia section. I talked to a lady at the bookstore and she said that they got all three pieces off of the internet. She was not completely certain where they came from. I also asked her if she knew if the books would be re-released before the movie. The books will be out sometime next fall with covers from the movie. She also said that it would take fifteen years for all seven movies to be made.

UPDATE: The employee’s source is from Zondervan and Harper Collins. Also, the employee said that as of right now, they plan on doing all seven movies if all goes well.