Disney COO Pitches Narnia

At the 15th Annual Global Entertainment, Media, and Telecommunications Conference regarding the future of The Walt Disney Co., President and COO Bob Iger talked about the Narnia franchise and showed a short clip with information about the upcoming film. There’s no video, but you can hear the clip (it’s different than the Weta clip) at about the 6:45 mark on the following link: http://www.veracast.com/webcasts/sbcitigroup/emt-2005/87207552.cfm. This link should be available until January 18th.

The voice-over announcer is featured in this clip (think Nah-nee-a) as in the Weta clip and you can hear short interviews with the big three: Director Adamson, Producer Johnson, and Weta’s Taylor. It’s also mentioned that Disney’s fiscal year begins in September so the Narnia film will hit in fiscal year 2006.

Thanks to NarniaFans and Gregory for the heads up on this presentation.