Set Report: The Witch’s House

Tehanu from (and TORn) has posted her second set report. This one is called Gloomy Halls and Golden Pillars. It describes in great detail the Witch’s House and also give some details about Cair Paravel and some plot changes made from book to movie. Here’s a teaser:

On my next visit, things are a lot quieter in the Henderson film lot, and I have the chance to watch people preparing some of the other sets. The first thing I see is the great hall in the Witch’s House. Again, it’s built inside one of the big packing sheds that are used as soundstages, but once inside you forget that. The set builders have made a grim, grey, imposing space. The architecture is not exactly spiky, but the details on the walls are full of angles, like Art Deco only more threatening. Ranks of icebound pillars march down either side of the hall, and stalactites hang from above. It is truly a winter palace.

It’s a place designed to put the White Witch’s subjects in their place. The main floor is a sunken court surrounded by steps on all sides – no doubt the Queen’s guards and bullies can look down from there onto anyone standing before her throne.

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