Swinton, Malik, and Johnson Interview

During the interview with Tilda Swinton and Ernie Malik, they talked about the makeup for the character of the White Witch and the transformations she goes through during the course of the movie. “There’s not much make-up, no. Which of course is SHOCKING! The most shocking thing you can think of. It’s not very Disney to not have a lot of make-up, is it? Eye liner and red lips. But it’s all good – it’s certainly Narnia,” said Swinton.

They also discussed the opening scene of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe with the Pevensies waiting for the train. “We’ve seen the footage because the scenes are all done and it’s amazing, within three minutes you get – now understand, we’re subjective because we’re here but I’ve worked on as many films where I don’t give a *** and I’m sitting there for two hours saying I’m not involved with it, you know – but within three minutes you get it right here (points to his heart), and it’s the faces of those kids, it’s the moments that Andrew [Adamson] chose…” said Malik.

Read the whole interview with Swinton here.

The mood of the interview with Mark Johnson was very different. While Swinton and Malik talked about some of the more emotional parts of the movie, Johnson talks about a lot more of the technical parts of the movie.

Johnson talks about when Prince Caspian might be started, scenes that have been changed or expanded from the book, casting decisions, popular rumors, and “the rabid fan base.”

Read the whole interview with Johnson here.