Interview with Viz-FX Coordinator

JoBlo has posted their interview with visual effects supervisor Dean Wright. Although a bit dated, the interview has some very interesting parts as they describe working with James McAvoy and animating the beavers:

Q: Can you describe the effects that’ll be used for the centaurs?
A: We’re still in the middle of deciding exactly what approach we’re going to take. We’ve got three different options right now. We’ve got a normal guy in prosthetics and just green legs – nothing else. We’ve got the guy who’s in the sort of half prosthetic body, I don’t know if you saw that, it goes to just about the [horse’s] legs and there’s no legs after that; the wheel on his back…(laughs)

Q: Yeah, we saw that yesterday on the set.
A: The reason for that is so it just helps him get around but it’s also to make sure he doesn’t move in a way, really, that a horse can’t move. And the last of course is a horse on which we add the CG human part. We’ll probably want to go with that in the ground interaction scenes, in the water, or in close in the lake, and we’re seeing part of the body. It’ll be kind of a shot by shot solution. But it’s the most perplexing one because when the guys are standing up they have to be sort of leaning forward because the legs on the horse are behind where the body would be. It’ll be tricky, that’ll probably be our hardest one in terms of integrating prosthetics.

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