New Narnia Video Featurette

A new 3-minute featurette has been released. It’s entitled Behind the Magic of Narnia Chapter II: The Director. This featurette has some stunning photos and scenery! The clip also features what sounds like music from the score and it is very impressive.

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Thanks to NarniaWebber Halrandir, we have a transcript of the featurette:

*Words on screen*

“Behind the Magic of Narnia”

“Chapter II
The Director”

*Andrew Adamson (Director) walking across a set*

*Andrew Adamson voiceover*

“When I go to a movie I want to be taken to a new place and experience new things.”

*Andrew Adamson talking*
*Shot of a set*

“And I think fantasy gives us that.”

*Zoom in on concept art of Aslan and a child standing on a hill*

“I loved The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe as a child. So when this came to be it was kind of like a gift and there was no way I could not do it.”

*Words on screen*

“Andrew’s Directorial debut,
Shrek, won the Academy Award
for best animated feature”

*View of stony mountainside from a helicopter*

*View of a set campsite from a helicopter*

*Mark Johnson (Producer) voiceover*

“And what you look for all the time in everything you do is originality.

*Various shots from sets*

“The real artists are the ones who do it in a new way or show you how to look at it in a new way.”

*Mark Johnson talking*

*Adamson directing*

“What happens if you just cut across here…”

*Mark Johnson voiceover*

“Every time I think I understand how a scene is going to look he’ll describe it to me in a way that I not only could I not have imagined, but it is so much better than I would have imagined.

*Various “train station scene” shots during voiceover*

*Words onscreen*

“Andrew followed with
The highest grossing movie
of 2004, Shrek 2”

*Shots of the inside of The White Witch’s castle*

*Andrew Adamson voiceover*

“I’m gonna approach it the same way I approached Shrek, which is basicly to make a movie that works on multiple levels, and I really think there’ll be something for everyone.”

*Richard Taylor voiceover*

“This is Andrew’s vision, bringing the unique cultures and richness to the story of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.”

*Various “work” shots*

Shots of “Lantern Waste” set

*Andrew Adamson voiceover*

“The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe takes us into realms that we can only imagine, and you know challenge as a filmmaker is to create those worlds that live up to and excede people’s imaginations and really transport them to another time and another place.”

*Shot of wolves running through a forrest*

*Shot of Andrew Adamson followed by shots of various evil creatures*

*Richard Taylor voiceover*

“He really pushed us at an artistic level too. You want to be pushed on a project. You want to push yourself and we push ourselves dramatically, but then to have another source of energy and vision that comes in and actually will push you even further is exactly what you want out of this career. You hope something will influence you to be better, and both of us, ay, have found that to be in spadeloads on this project.” [I’m not sure about the last word.]

*Andrew Adamson in Weta conference call with unicorn drawings behind him*

“Yeah, I like that idea of it actually having a corkscrew up the horn. Although it feels like a mystical animal *points to drawings* this feels like the real version of the animal that became myth and legend.”

*shot zooming in to a person astride a unicorn ontop of a hill*

*Howard Berger (Prosthetic Effects Supervisor) voiceover*

“He’s really driven us. His good attitude on set, everyday. We’re day hundred and eleven or something like that, and he’s still pretty happy.

*Adamson giving a thumbs up on set*

*Closeup of opening page of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe book*

*Andrew Adamson voiceover*

“These books have been read by hundreds of millions of people over three or four generations, and it’s a huge responsibility to be making a film that’s going to live up to those people’s expectations.”

*Shots of the White Witch’s courtyard during voiceover*

*Adamson on set*


*Zoom out of snowy mountains. Logo rotates in from left and settles infront of the mountains*

“The Chronicles of Narnia
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”

*Words onscreen*

“December 2005”

“To be continued…”