Narnia Filmmakers Face Fine From Czech Republic

AFP is reporting that the Narnia filmmakers are facing a fine for breaching conditions negotiated with Czech authorities. Hana Hentschelova, manager of the protected sandstone reservation of Labske Piskovce in Tisa, in the north of the Czech Republic where filming has been taking place, said the film crew from New Zealand had brought more people and vehicles on site than had been agreed.

They also broke their promise not to put equipment arbitrarily on the sandstone rocks, she said. “The film makers did not behave correctly which is why we launched legal proceedings,” Ms Hentschelova said. She declined to say exactly how much the fine might be but said it could be up to 3,000 euros [US$3,850].

Michaela Olexova, spokeswoman for the production, said the film makers would comment on the case only after the proceedings ended.

The production is already facing charges of environmental destruction from their time shooting in New Zealand. See stories here and here for more information and pictures about the complaints leveled by the environmental group Forest & Bird.

This story compiled from reports from the Australian site ABC News Online.