New Books Coming Soon

GlumPuddle reminds us that the new paperback editions of Narnia (NOT the movie tie-ins) will be out in June. They are going to be bound exactly like the Lewis “Signature Classics”. A Giant Surprise has a release date of May 2005 so we should start seeing it on the shelf very soon. There is also a new book out called Aslan’s Call which takes you though all the Chronicles one by one in search of spiritual truth (very interesting). The movie tie-ins are coming in November. Additionally, NarniaWebber levibarjonas has sent us a list of books being published by Tyndale House this summer and fall: Finding God in the Land of Narnia (early July) by Kurt Bruner and Jim Ware (authors of Finding God in The Lord of the Rings), Not a Tame Lion (early Sept) by Bruce Edwards, and Walking Through the Wardrobe – (early Oct) Sarah Arthur (author of Walking with Frodo and Walking with Bilbo).