New Toy Pictures

Entertainment Earth has some new pictures of the upcoming toys for The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe! The action figures are 5-inch scale. The estimated release date is November 2005.

– Basic Action Figures Wave 1: Aslan, Centaur, Minotaur, Peter vs Black Dwarf
– Deluxe Action Figures Wave 1: Cyclops/Aslan/Edmund, Peter/Black Dwarf/Otmin
– Basic Plush Wave 1: Mr Beaver, Unicorn, Aslan
– Basic Battle Figures Wave 1 (2-inch scale): Aslan’s Army, Orieus’ army, Otmin’s Army, White Witch’s Army
– Battle Scale 2-Pack Wave 1 (2-inch scale): Peter & Unicron, Edmund & Centaur, Lucy & Tumnus, Susan & Aslan
– Deluxe Battle Pack Figures includes Ginarrbrick, Maugrim, Aslan, Edmund, Red Dwarf Fighter, Griffon, and exclusive White Witch.

These pictures are probably not the final versions because they don’t appear to have any articulation yet.