Rough Cut Over 3 Hours?

The following report was posted by Cpt Kirks 2pay on the AICN Messageboards. We should say right now that there is no way we can verify any of this, so take this with a pretty big grain of salt: I Have Seen It… Well a rough cut of it anyway. My sister works for Disney Marketing as that involves me with a lot of her colleagues and me with my own film productions and freelance I do for other companies to, I was allowed to view an early ’draft’, as they called it, which was shown to a select audience at their screening room. The final running time thus far clocks in at 3 hours 7 minutes. So far, the acting is pretty strong and makes for some intense and mesmerising scenes, which is what my main concern was. The characters, their arc, and some incredible and even scary dramas they go through works in a grounding and affecting way. Aslan’s own encounter with his fate without spoiling anything, is extremely powerful. Won’t give away anything else, as I don’t wanna get too hounded or in trouble, but let’s just say that everything is extremely well made. It’s a film of solid quality, and reaches moments of majestic at times. Hope they keep all the best bits in when the final cut is done. We must hope. Thanks to Stormygirl for sending this in!