’Hero’ by Bethany Dillon

NarniaWeb spy BerninBush attended Creation Music Festival this week and saw Bethany Dillon perform her song “Hero,” which will be on the “Inspired By Narnia” soundtrack this September! Here is the report: I didn’t have anything to write with (*blush*) and didn’t get down all the lyrics, but it’s called “Hero” and the refrain is “You are the Hero we’ve been waiting for/ You have done the impossible.” It was a lovely song, and I’m looking forward to hearing it on the soundtrack. After that one was done, she told us that her next song had been inspired by the chapter in The Magician’s Nephew where Aslan sings the world into being. The song is called “New” and I absolutely loved it, but the lyrics were too complicated to remember easily. (Parts of it did remind me of the part where Aslan weeps for Digory’s mother.) I think this song is going to appear on her next album in August, which I will definitely think about buying now. Thanks to BerninBush for the report! View Track Listing