Narnia Promotion at Cornerstone Festival 2005

We received this report from NarniaWeb spy Paige: At the conclusion of my 11th year at Cornerstone Festival, an annual several-day-long outdoor Christian music festival, I remarked that going back to the “real world” felt like coming out of the wardrobe. Somehow it has always seemed as if I spent half the year at Cornerstone and the other half in my normal life, while really Cornerstone only takes a week for my family (including traveling time). as if Cornerstone has a separate time of its own. This year Cornerstone was more fun than ever, not just because the weather was a little cooler than the usual Illinois July, but also because we were treated to tantalizing promotions for the upcoming Narnia movie. A booth in one of the Exhibition Tents invited people to fill out a short survey (with questions like “How old are you?” and “How many books do you read in a year?” as well as some Narnia Trivia), giving complementary T-shirts to the first 500 to fill it out. My navy-blue T featuring Aslan’s eyes and the words “Aslan is on the move” fills me with the giddy joy of anticipation. Some of the same banners that fans have seen already (from convention promotions) stood beside the booth, as well as an actual lamppost that filled my heart with glee. At the back of the booth stood a TV showing the trailer and the Behind the Magic videos from the official website. A smaller screen on a table at the front of the booth was accompanied by video game controllers. “Oooh, game demo!” I lost my friends in the crowd because, frankly, at that moment fighting off wolves on a frozen lake was more important. Next to the Narnia booth itself was the table for Zondervan, a Christian publishing company which had a drawing for giveaways including sets of the Chronicles of Narnia. On top of all of this fun and excitement, several thousand fans of Christian rock had the pleasure of seeing the preview for The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe nightly between bands on the huge screen at the Main Stage venue. It sent chills of excitement down my spine every time. Thanks Paige!