New Narnia Clip, Chapter IV: The Story

Along with all of the new fantasic news we’ve received, the production has released the fourth installment of the Behind the Scenes clips titled ‘Chapter IV:The Story’ on Moviefone. You can see this new clip here. This clip features some of the shots from the trailer, as well as a glimpse of the Professor, tea with Tumnus, and Aslan’s camp.

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We now have screen caps available for your viewing pleasure.


Director Andrew Adamson: The CS Lewis books, The Chronicles of Narnia, they are the origins of a lot of fantasy. Between Tolkien and CS Lewis, they were sort of the forefathers of fantasty.

Special Effects Supervisor Richard Taylor: CS Lewis was good friend of Tolkien and you can imagine they discussed at great lengths the two worlds they were exploring.

Adamson: The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe takes us into realms that we can only imagine. The challenge as a filmmaker is to live up to and exceed people’s imaginations and really transport them to another time and another place.
During World Word II, the children are shipped off to the country. And they go to stay in this household of this professor. The children are playing a game of hide-and-seek. Lucy finds her way into this empty room in which stands this magnificant wardrobe. She goes to hide in it and eventually she steps out into this winter wonderland. She encounters this faun, Mr. Tumnus, who takes her to tea. And then starts to uncover that there is more to this magical world then she realizes. There are evils at play.

Producer Mark Johnson: Eventually all four kids get into this magical world called Narnia.

Adamson: Their whole world has been frozen for a hundred years. There’s a prophecy that four kings and queens will sit on the thrones of Cair Paravel and these will be sons of Adam and daughters of Eve. They are meant to fulfill this prophecy. The White Witch wants to stop them from fullfiling that prophecy because it will mean the end of her reign.

Johnson: They meet a whole host of characters and creatures.

Jim Broadbent (Professor Kirke): It’s a perilous journey and they meet this lion who is the leader of all that is good.

Adamson: Aslan is the original highest king of Narnia and was actually the one responsible for creating the world of Narnia. He’s been gone for a long time but he’s come back because he knows that the prophecy is about to be fullfilled. He and the children together can ultimately get rid of the evil in the land. It’s an epic battle between good and evil.

Johnson:This battle that we’re going to shoot between Aslan the lion and the White Witch is going to be made up of thousands and thousands of creatures.

Richard Taylor: Over 60 races, 60 different cultures, 60 different species of creatures.

Adamson: From a visual level, it’s 5,000 troops against 15,000 of the scariest creatures you’ve ever seen.