Rebecca St. James Hosts Narnia Event

Rebecca spent Sunday through Tuesday of this week at the International Christian Retail Sales conference in Denver—one of the Christian industry’s biggest events of the year for the introduction of “what’s new” in books, music, videos—and beyond. It was three days packed with activities! On Sunday, Rebecca performed made a major performance debuting her music from the upcoming Disney film, The Chronicles of Narnia—following her performance by acting as official “hostess” for a Narnia event that officially “debuted” the movie for Christian retailers. The event was attended by the film’s producers and executive/creative teams surrounding its’ introduction as a major Christmas ’05 film event. Rebecca’s record label will launch the soundtrack album with music (including Rebecca’s!) inspired by the film in September.

She also meet with Tyndale on exciting plans for SHE TEEN—reaching store shelves next month—and expected to be a major impact book for the Fall. Its unique “bookzine” format is targeted to reach young readers with wisdom on how to be a “Safe, Healthy, Empowered” young woman of God, a ministry message close to Rebecca’s heart. Rebecca signed the first “preview” galleys of “Sister Freak” –coming in November from Warner Faith. Rebecca served as the General Editor and will provide the media voice for the lovely book that contains the compelling stories of women who gave their all for God. It was a non-stop three days that took Rebecca’s music, message and ministry to those wonderful people responsible for bringing us the resource of Christian retail.

Thanks to The3rdkid for this news item.