Walden Media Launches Narnia Website

Walden Media has launched their Chronicles of Narnia website with new pictures from the film and educational material at www.walden.com/narnia/.

The Educator’s Materials section has downloadable and printable educational materials for classroom application. Educators can also order free materials by mail. The Educator’s Guide has a clip of the script (where Lucy meets Mr. Tumnus) and it is delightful. View the excerpt in our Image Gallery if you aren’t afraid of spoilers!

The Making The Movie section has links to trailers (the ones available on NarniaWeb’s trailers page) and has a number of candid pictures of the cast and crew on set. They are small but lots of fun.

The Inside the Chronicles section allows you to listen to the first chapter of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe courtesy of Audible.com.

Walden Media's Narnia website

Walden Media's Narnia website