See The Movie One Day Early on December 8th

Would you like to see The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe on December 8th? Well if you live in the US and can get a group of 50 people together you can now purchase special tickets at a discounted price to preview the film on December 8th. This special preview program is the pilot project of the BarnaFilms Preview Night program which aims to host special screenings for quality films four times a year.

This program is open to any type of group (including those involved in faith, civic and educational institutions). The only requirement is that you have 50 people in your group.

From the BarnaFilms Preview Night Website: We want to make sure that some of these wonderful films get discovered and enjoyed by families before they are lost in the endless stream of high-profile, low-concept movies filling theatres. Beginning this December we will be offering a BarnaFilms Preview Night each quarter to give all Americans, including those involved in faith, civic and educational institutions an opportunity to screen a new film that we believe will educate, entertain and inspire. We will hold these previews in selected movie theaters around the US.

To get your tickets today, go to and follow the instructions.