William Moseley Interview

Cinema Confidential has posted a new interview with William Mosely who plays Peter. Jenny Halper writes:

William as Peter Pevensie

William as Peter Pevensie

Describing William Moseley as exuberant would be an understatement. A self described extrovert, this schoolboy from the British countryside scored big when casting director Pippa Hall chose him over hoards of hopefuls for the role of Peter in Andrew Adamson’s “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.” And William was so thrilled he cried.

CINEMA CONFIDENTIAL: We got to see a few of the sets and they were absolutely amazing…
WILLIAM: I was blown away! The thing is, I knew it was a big film, but I didn’t expect it to be…there was this one set, it was supposed to be a river, and we were meant to get engulfed by a wave. And we were basically in a tank, and three tons of water- it was a lot- it would make a wave, a six feet wave and it would engulf us. And they did it so many times, I’ll tell you what, I kept turning around and this water came pouring out, and I was trying to be brave for this twelve year old boy, eight year old girl…the special effects are unbelievable! Every other shot is special effects. The beaver is special effects, Aslan the lion is special effects. Some of the things the actors couldn’t do were special effects…

To read the whole interview please visit Cinema Confidential.

Thanks to Lyon for the info.