Drew Trotter Shares His Filming Experience

Drew Trotter attended some of the filming of the battle scenes in New Zealand, and gives a detailed account of the behind the scenes action to Christianity Today. In particular, he talks about the duel between Peter and Jadis. Note that his description does contain spoilers for several scenes.

TROTTER: The mutual respect between Adamson and his co-workers extended to other relationships on the set as well—especially between Swinton and Moseley. Swinton spent the afternoon with Moseley going over and over a tricky, technical fall that he was to do, when it looks like all is lost in their duel. After several brave parries in which Peter holds his own but is tiring fast, the Witch moves in for the kill. Peter stumbles backward, making himself even more vulnerable to her two gigantic swords (not the stone knife of Lewis’s book, by the way). The Witch then rises up to her full height—the book says she’s seven feet tall—and is set to run Peter through, when Aslan arrives and saves Peter’s life.

Swinton is a highly respected actress, well known in the film community for her edgy roles in films like Orlando and Young Adam. Actresses with her reputation often make demands and are rude to their fellow actors; Hollywood lore is full of such stories. But Swinton, without being condescending in any way, patiently discusses with Moseley suggestions for movements and actions, just as if he were her equal. And working with one of the best action choreographers in the business, Phil Neilson, they repeatedly rehearse their moves.

Read the whole account at ChristianityToday.

Thanks to Muglin for the heads up.