Young Cast “Inseparable”

The October issue of Teen Vogue reportedly contains this tidbit: When “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe” hits theatres in December, audiences will get their first glimpse of the young actors who will bring the beloved characters to life. After an exhaustive search across England, the filmmakers found a cast that soon became inseparable. “It’s funny,” says Will Moseley, after almost a year on location, “how much we’re like a real family.” He became best friends with Anna Popplewell, a partner-in-crime to the prank-pulling Skandar Keynes, and a constant source of comfort and guidance to his on-screen little sister, Georgie Henley. “As corny as it sounds,” Will says, “I think we were cast for these parts because we’re so much like them in real life.” See the pictures here in our gallery.