Christianity Today Movies Interviews Micheal Flaherty

When I heard they were making The Lord of the Rings into movies, I remember thinking, Don’t screw it up. Should we insist on every single detail just as Lewis wrote it, or should we mainly be concerned that you got the big things right?

Flaherty: I think it’s the latter. But at the same time, with it not sounding like a cop-out, it’s just two different mediums—books and film. There’s no other way around it. Holes and Winn-Dixie are incredibly faithful adaptations, but there’s still things you need to do to bring the story to life. Ditto with Narnia. We didn’t lift dialogue 100 percent from the book and put it into the script. But I’m confident in saying that people should have properly high expectations that this will be the faithful adaptation they had hoped and prayed for.

Read the whole interview here. Thanks to Baraslan for the heads up.