Cinematical Exclusive: Narnia Sneak Peek writes, “According to a Cinematical tipster who saw 10 minutes of the film at a Christian leadership conference in Atlanta, the advance looks have only just begun – in fact, viewers at the conference were told that they were the first to see the footage. In addition to the movie clips, Tipster and his fellow attendees also saw two chapters of what he thinks will eventually be turned into a making-of documentary. Our tipster was kind enough to provide us with a detailed report on what he saw.”

“The preview started with bombers over London, a very well done and exciting shot. All the shots were very well executed special effects-wise, though there were a few that were obviously not complete and utilized pre-renders or partial composites of what the final film will be. Most of the footage was composited in the way you might expect an extended preview to be put together, so maybe we’ll see a finished version of this hit the theaters.

Edmund is upstairs watching the bombers and Peter runs him to the backyard bomb-shelter at the urging of their mother.”

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Thanks to Martha for sending this in.

UPDATE: AintItCoolNews writes, “Liam Neeson’s voice coming out of Aslan is just perfection. But even more cool is the d**n Beaver! The Beaver is awesome. Till I saw the Beaver do his “Chatterbox” bit, I hadn’t seen any footage even close to this cool… that’s not entirely true… the opening of this began with the bombing of London and that stuff was jaw-dropping. In fact all of the most finished work was exemplary.

The best news? The kids work… or at least seem to. That was my biggest worry. They look like they belong in this story, and that’s the highest compliment you could give them. The cinematography looks quite lovely.”

You can read the rest of the report here.

Thanks to Wessex Ranger for the heads up.