Interactive Narnia Map Now Available

Moviefone now has an interactive Narnia map available. You can browse through the map to each of nine sites throughout the land of Narnia. See photos and read a synopsis of the following scenes from the story:

• Mr. Tumnus’ House
• White Witch’s Castle
• Lamp-post
• Wardrobe
• White Witch’s Camp
• Battlefield
• Aslan’s Army Camp
• Cair Paravel
• The Stone Table

Warning: Story Spoiler Below

The map also includes a “March to War” feature which shows the plan for the climactic battle with arrows indicating movement by the White Witch’s troops, Peter and the Narnian army, the Gryphons and other birds doing an aerial raid, and Aslan bringing Lucy, Susan and other reinforcements to turn the tide of the battle.

Moviefone's interactive LWW map

Moviefone's interactive LWW map