Narnia Products Soon to be Available

NarniaWeb spy FishRockette has dug up a bunch of product pictures from the impending deluge of Narnia products about to hit the market. We have photos from Inspiro of Mega Blocks sets, bible/book covers, replica sets, a framed Narnia map, and the standing glass plaque from Inspiro Gifts.

Trends International has four posters and a wall calender. Click here and search for “narnia”.

C&D Visionary Inc. has Narnia buttons, keychains, and stickers available for sale.

Oral B has not only posted pictures of their new line of Toothbrushes and Toothpaste for Narnia, but they’ve also released a sweepstakes along with it! If you hover over the picture of the toothpaste, the toothbrush will change pictures, showing the 3 available, Aslan, Mr. Tumnus, and The White Witch!

A big thanks goes out to FishRockette for digging up all these images.