Narnia Promo Drive Begins in Dallas

Motive Entertainment is now doing a Narnia Promotional drive in faith-based communities, and it started in Dallas, TX today.

NarniaWebber Aslansavz was at the event and has the report:

NarniaWebber Aslansavz (right) and Douglas GreshamMotive Entertainment is doing its Narnia Promo drive now in the faith-based community, and it started in Dallas today. I was there last night for the prep work and got to meet Doug Gresham ((a big big deal for me as I admire Doug for his work (and his great care in sending me a hand-written recipe for Turkish delight some years ago) and the fact that he was someone who actually knew Jack)). And he was definitely a larger than life person last night, even jet lagged.

They have an exhibit set up to share how the movie was made, a case of props, quite a few characteres and masks – some being remarkably scary, as well as a few video feeds of the making of the movie. Stephen Curtis Chapman is doing a mini concert – promoting the Inspired by CD (which I wasn’t too inspired by – I got a copy with my Groundforce kit a few weeks ago) and his own new CD and book, and the Disney Exec.’s have decided to come to this one to check it all out.

I was also surprised by all the umbrellas everyone was working under making this happen. Disney/Walden, Motive Entertainment, Outreach Ministries, Groundforce Network (whom I’m volunteering with), etc. There are alot of people at work to promote this film and get the public out to see it. Maybe because I’ve never been exposed to this side of film making before, that I’m so surprised by all of it. I guess this might go on for alot of the bigger films.

Let me tell you, when they opened the case and I got my first look at a Faun Warrior, I did get teary-eyed. My favorite book is coming to life in such a fantastic way…couldn’t help but get a bit emotional 🙂

They had one display case of props – the White Witch’s wand, the bowl of Turkish Delight, Mr. Tumnus’ book and pipes, a Centaur’s horn and a few swords. The stuff was really amazing in person.

All in all, this was an awesome experience for a geek. I wish I could be there today to see the full-blown production, but alas, I have childcare issues – darned home schooling! LOL But for me, it was a blast, and the beginning of seeing a big dream of mine come true.
I didn’t get a picture of the set up on the stage, but they have a bunch of the banners of characters (Susan, Peter, Aslan, the White Witch). They also have the big Wardrobe that you might have seen in theaters…it only took about 3 hrs to put together!

Thanks to Aslansavz for the great report and excellent pictures!