New Narnia Trailer Available

The new trailer for The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe is now available for viewing at AOL Moviefone. You can watch it here.


A Hi-Res Quicktime Download is now available. You do not need the AOL viewer to download this trailer file. To download, right-click here and click “Save Target As”. This file is 52 MB.

The Hi-Res Windows Media Download is now available at The link requires you to download some third-party software called Kontiki which appears to use a torrent-like atmosphere to download the file (34MB). Once downloaded, the file will play in Windows Media Player.

We have been working our little fingers to the bone getting screenshots of the new trailer ready for you and they are done!

If you are having trouble downloading the trailer, we’ve compiled a Short Description of the Trailer. Thanks to NarniaWebber ChexFan for this summary:

We see the Disney and Walden Media logos.
Shot of the house from the first trailer.
Door opening into the wardrobe room, this time at night.
Edmund approaching the wardrobe.
Edmund opening the wardrobe.
An eye (Edmund’s) looking through a crack in the door.
Lucy walking through the coats.
A foot (Ed’s) walking through the coats.
Edmund walking past a coat towards some plant life (tree branches?)
Susan pushing the coats aside, the wardrobe door open behind her with Peter visible. Snow starts to fall, covering the screen.
The children step out of the wardrobe like in Trailer 1.
Shot of the lamppost.
Susan: Impossible (same as trailer 1)
Edmund in the forest in his bathrobe. He hears some sort of roaring. (Wolves? Polar bears?)
Shot of the forest.
Shot of Beavers’ house with Maugrim approaching.
MAUGRIM: Take them.
Shot of wolves running. (Same as Trailer 1)
Shot of children running (Same as Trailer 1)
(Begin Mr. Beaver voicover: There is a prophecy that two Sons of Adam and two Daughters of Eve will appear to defeat the White Witch and put an end to this hundred-year winter.)
LOTR-esque shot flying over mountains
Shot of Peter
Shot of Edmund
Peter and Witch fighting
Cair Paravel with jumping mermaids
Shot of Lucy and Susan
Close shot of Peter fighting.
Shot of Edmund among statues.
Shot of monsters. (same as Trailer 1)
Close on Witch’s face at stone table (same as Trailer 1)
Monster bangs staff on ground (same as Trailer 1)
Shots of stone table surrounded by monsters (same as Trailer 1)
Shot of children and beavers walking over natural stone bridge (same as trailer 1)
(End voiceover)
PETER: I think you’ve made a mistake. We’re not heroes!
Shot of Susan, Peter, and Lucy at beavers’ table.
Shot of S, P, L, and beavers around table.
MR. BEAVER: There’s no mistake.
Shot of Mr. and Mrs. B
MR. BEAVER: Aslan is on the move.
Centaur blowing horn
Children in front of tent, Aslan’s army bowing (same as first trailer)
Centaur bowing
Aslan walking out of tent
Children turn and see him
Aslan walking towards them
PETER: Aslan…
Children bow
PETER: We need your help.
ASLAN: I know, but understand…
Shot of Peter and Susan
Aslan: The future of Narnia
Shot of Aslan
ASLAN: Rests on your courage.
Shot of Witch in sledge
Shot of army
Shot of Witch
WITCH: If it’s war Aslan wants…
Minotaur jumping down from rock
Army charging.
Gryphon flying.
WITCH: It’s a war he shall get.
Aslan roaring.
Witch spinning around.
THIS CHRISTMAS (Same as Trailer 1)
Children looking at scenery (same as Trailer 1)
Lucy and lamppost (trailer 1?)
Mr. Tumnus outside house
Edmund walking through ice doors
Aslan walking up steps to stone table from 3 different angles.
Train station
Children wave from train windows.
Mother waves back
Susan fire off arrow
Bird bursts into flame
Gryphon: They come in numbers far greater than our own.
Centaur: Numbers do not win a battle.
Peter: No, but I bet they help.
Army charging.
Children and beavers in cave
Gryphon with rock
Girls on Aslan
GRyphon flying at Witch, being turned to stone?
Cheetahs and Rhino.
Army charging.
Lucy hugging Tumnus.
Peter with sword.
Witch and Edmund.
Charging Rhino?
Witch stabbing at stone table.
Peter stabbing ice.
Creatures at table.
Tumnus and Lucy running.
Peter and Witch fighting.
Lucy dressed as Queen.
Peter dancing with blonde girl.
Witch’s face.
Fire on battlefield.
Peter’s horse rearing.
Tumnus holding crown?
Peter grabbing somone (Susan) in water, holding on to sword (same as T.1)
Children on thrones
Witch rising from throne
Armies charging.
Aslan jumps at camera
Title (Same as T.1.)
Random credits.