Newsweek Features Narnia

Newsweek Entertainment has posted an interview with the four Pevensie children and an article about The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, with comments from cast, crew, and film executives. Thanks to Ren_Pevensie for the heads up.

Interview: The Narnia Kids Up Close

NW: When did you first read the “Narnia” books?

ANNA: I was 7 when I read them.

SKANDAR: I was 8.

GEORGIE: I was 6.

ANNA: Georgie’s very smart.

WILLIAM: Georgie’s a very good reader. One of the assistant directors will come up and say, “OK, school time, everyone,” and Skandar and I will roll our eyes. And the girls will be like…

ANNA and GEORGIE: “Yaaaaaaay!” [Laughter]

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Article: Next Stop Narnia

The filmmakers, it seems, wanted Georgie’s first reaction to Narnia preserved on film. “That was so cool,” she says. “They blindfolded me. They carried me in, and it was really weird because no one was trusted to carry me down the stairs. So there was somebody at the top of the steps, somebody at the middle and somebody at the bottom. They passed me down man to man, like a package! Then they took the —blindfold off, but made me close my eyes. They turned me around and said, ‘Open them’.” What did she see? Georgie finds the question strange. “Narnia,” she says. “It was beautiful.”

Adamson was not interested in replicating the often unsettling imagery of “The Lord of the Rings.” The gentleness of his movie may frustrate some bloodthirsty teenage boys but should appeal to previously disenfranchised folks interested in a more childlike, less operatic style of fantasy. No one will jinx the endeavor by making box-office predictions. But one source believes that if this first “Narnia” movie makes $200 million, another installment, based on “Prince Caspian,” will hit the ground running. Adamson says he’s too exhausted to imagine ever directing again, but, asked if he could really let the Pevensie children go—let alone the lovely kids who play them so winningly—he laughs and shakes his head. “That’s what’s gonna suck me in,” he says. Us, too.

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