The Lion, The Witch, And The Franchise

Business Week Online has printed an excellent article about the business risks that Disney and Walden are taking with The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. The article talks about how David Weil, CEO of the Anchutz Film Group made Douglas Gresham an offer he couldn’t refuse. The plan calls for a 15-year franchise for The Chronicles of Narnia.

The article also discusses what is at stake for Disney and Walden and goes into more depth abut the financials on the film. Apparently the film is costing more than $200 million to make and market. $150 million of this is producion budget (Disney and Walden shared this cost 50/50). McDonald’s, General Mills, and others are ponying up an additional $150 million in promotional support for the film.

The article ends: “Clearly, the presell is in place. It’s the movie itself that is creating the most stress now. With 1,600 special effects, last-minute editing fixes are running behind schedule to deliver a final print. It’s now curtains up on the drama of Disney’s long-awaited franchise.”

Click here to read the entire piece at Business Week online.

Thanks to Rillian for sending this in.