Christianity Today Movies Interviews Douglas Gresham

Mark Moring of Christianity Today Movies got a chance to sit down and talk with Douglas Gresham about his life, his new book, and his new movie. The interviews are split up into two parts.

Part 1: The Man Behind the Wardrobe
This interview covers Gresham’s relationship to Lewis and talks about his new book Jack’s Life (now on sale at Amazon). Gresham tells about how when asked for change by a beggar Lewis would immediately empty his pockets. “The chap he was with—I think it was Tolkien—said, ‘Jack, you shouldn’t have given that fellow all that money, he’ll just spend it on drink.’ Jack said, ‘Well if I had kept it, I would have only spent it on drink.'”

Part 2: Narnia Comes to Life
Part two of Moring’s interview with Gresham is all about the film. Gresham speaks in great detail about his role in the production and how much artistic liberty was okay. Gresham also discusses the merchandising for the film and the shared vision he has with Phil Anschutz (the man behind Walden Media).

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