Early Oscars Buzz for Narnia

Movie guru Tom O’Neil muses over Narnia’s Oscar potential: “The Chronicles of Narnia” as a potential best picture nominee? Is that movie’s witch casting crazy spells to make Oscar watchers say such things? “Go ahead and call us nuts, but we really think we have a possible contender for Best Picture on our hands,” a rep for Disney told me last week. C.S. Lewis wrote for kids. Oscar voters often care about that, thereby dismissing the latter as, literally, kids’ stuff. But — presto! change-o! — here comes an email from Thelma Adams of Us Weekly: “Just saw ’Narnia.’ Slot it into one of five best pic noms. It’s this year’s ’LOTR.’ Perfect. Maybe even Tilda Swinton supporting as the White Witch.” Read the whole article at Goldderby.com.