Further Hints at Prince Caspian

The Sun reports that the Narnia film makers are setting their sights on Prince Caspian as the second film.

Narnia sequel in pipeline

Narnia director Andrew Adamson hinted he is already planning on making a sequel. The New-Zealander said: “I don’t like the ‘franchise’ word, but if this film is successful I will make another.”

His thoughts were echoed by producer Mark Johnson. He said: “I think it would be cocky if we say we are going to make another film – but I would certainly like to.

“The next one we would make would be Prince Caspian because that is the only one that has all four children in it. And if don’t make it now we will never be able to make it because they will be too old. That Chronicle is set one year after this one is so it would allow for the kids to get a bit older. I would be perfectly happy to make all seven.”