MTV Interviews Andrew Adamson

Director Andrew Adamson talks about the casting, the characters, and his involvement in future Narnia films. Check out the whole article here at

The Next Lit Hit?

With this first “Narnia” adventure finally in his rearview mirror, Adamson has begun focusing his loving glance on the next of what he hopes will be seven movies — one for each book of the series. “Yeah, this is the rest of my life,” he smiles, half-joking. “I suspect that I will do the next one, and probably be involved in all of them.”

Despite some fans’ objections, however, the movies will not be produced in the order of the books’ publications. “We’re going to keep it in a chronological order [in regard to the storyline],” Adamson said. “We’ve got the four children, who take part in ‘Prince Caspian.’ We have to make that film before Skander ends up with a mustache.”

To fans of the books, Adamson makes one important promise: Support the movies, and he’ll continue to support their wishes. “I don’t think there’s a need to combine them,” he says of “Lemony Snicket” notions to merge the volumes. “At one point I looked at the idea of taking ‘[The Voyage of the] Dawn Treader’ and putting all four kids in ‘Dawn Treader,’ but I think the books are too loved as they are. And I, myself, felt a slight betrayal to my own childhood memories in thinking about doing that.”