Narnia Soundtrack Updates

Dan Goldwasser of has posted the following information on the Film Score Monthly boards. While we haven’t been able to get confirmation from the label of these facts, our independent verifications seem to be standing behind this information so we’d give this an 9 out of 10 on the reliability meter.

LWW Soundtrack Cover

LWW Soundtrack Cover

The latest tracklist (per Disney) is thus:
1. The Blitz, 1940
2. Evacuating London
3. The Wardrobe
4. Lucy Meets Mr. Tumnus
5. A Narnia Lullaby
6. The White Witch
7. From Western Woods to Beaversdam
8. Father Christmas
9. To Aslan’s Camp
10. Knighting Peter
11. The Stone Table
12. The Battle
13. Only The Beginning of The Adventure
14. Wonderkind, by Alanis Morissette
15. Bigger Than Me, by Imogen Heap HGW
16. Winter Light, by Tim Finn
17. Where by HGW Lisbeth Scott

Also, the “special edition” release will not contain an “expanded score” as originally planned; rather, the music content on both releases will be identical. But the bonus DVD will have some nice extras!

Silvio from reports that Alanis Morissette was the guest on the famous german late-night show “TV Total” yesterday evening. She said, that she recently had recorded a song for film and that the lyrics will be about Narnia from the view of Lucy.

Thanks to DaTennisBallKid and Silvio for the tips.