New Movie Surfer Segment Description


NarniaWeb has received a transcript of the new Movie Surfer segment on the Disney Channel from NarniaWebber ‘leave me alone’ (aka Lizzie):

This is a transcript of the Movie Surfer’s segment. I tried to get as accurate as possible, but some parts might not make much sense.

Voice-Over: “What would you do if you discovered a secret passage to a fantastical new world?”

(They show Lucy pulling the blanket off the wardrobe, getting in, then more from the teaser and theatrical, but nothing new)

VO: “A magical place where you might meet a half-human, half-horse creature and talking beavers.”

(First new footage: Peter reaching his hand out to Mr. Beaver, who says, ‘Well, I ain’t gonna smell it,’ then Susan and Edmund’s shocked reactions.)

(Just the different hosts talking – nothing important)

Close-up of Peter; ‘For Narnia!’
Unicorn rears, they show him leading Aslan’s army down the hill.

VO: “The filmmakers chose New Zealand because it looks like no other place on Earth.”

(More of the teaser)

VO: “And this is where I found the 4 kid stars.”

William Moseley: “Well, I’m playing Peter…”

(New footage of the Beavers leading the Pevensies down the tunnel, then back in the Beaver’s house, Peter says, ‘I think you’ve made a mistake – we’re not heroes,’ same as in the trailer but he says it differently and it’s from another angle)

Moseley: “…and he has to look after Susan, look after Lucy, and look after his young brother.”

(Pushes Skandar Keynes forward)

(New footage of the White Witch in her castle, Edmund says, “Your majesty.”)

Skandar Keynes: “My character’s Edmund. He doesn’t really fit in anywhere.”

(Even more new footage, this time in the White Witch’s dungeon – “Where is Aslan?” she says, looking at Edmund, who looks at Tumnus. “I don’t know,” Edmund replies)

Anna Popplewell: “Susan is the oldest sister.”

(New – Peter walking up to Mr. Beaver)

Anna Popplewell: “She starts out very sensible…”

(New – Susan : “He’s a beaver, he shouldn’t be saying anything!”)

Georgie Henley: “Lucy’s the youngest one…”

(New – Tumnus’ legs trotting past the camera, close-up of Lucy as she turns around. They apparantly cut out a lot here. “I’m Lucy,” she says, and holds out her hand to Tumnus. “Oh, you shake it,” Lucy says. “Why?” Tumnus asks. “I don’t know,” Lucy replies.

The rest is them filming the lake scene, with very few actual clips from the movie. They do show the wolf for a few seconds, but I’m hoping it’s not done – I’m not a fan of how it looks.

Thanks to Lizzie for the report!