New York Times Spotlights Gresham and Walden

NarniaWebber “peterpuzzle” writes: “The New York Times had an exciting article Saturday spotlighting Douglas Gresham and LWW. Read it here.”

An excerpt from the article:

“The C. S. Lewis Company stayed loyal to Walden. At a two-day meeting in New York, Walden laid out its vision, along with promises that the children would not be Americanized, and that the guardians of Lewis’s legacy would be deeply involved in the production. Mr. Anschutz asked Mr. Gresham and fellow executives of the C. S. Lewis Company for what the estate considered a fair deal; a handshake agreement came a few minutes later, Mr. Moore said.

Nearly four years later, Mr. Gresham said his trust was not misplaced. Mr. Gresham was involved at every stage, from the choice of director (Andrew Adamson of “Shrek”) to casting decisions to trekking to sets in New Zealand (four times) and the Czech Republic (once).”

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New York Times Article

New York Times Article