Opening of Narnia Exhibit in Denver Mall

The Tony Cherry Creek Shopping Center in Denver had the opening Tuesday November 15th of its Holiday themed Narnia Exhibit.

The exhibit was a lot of fun with various displays featuring scenes from the movie i.e., Lucy meeting Mr. Tumnus and actual props from the movie like Peter’s shield and sword.

There are screens throughout the exhibit that show scenes from the movie. As far as seeing new footage of the film, most of it was trailers and making of videos already available online, but one of the globes had film footage I had not seen before… Susan meeting Father Christmas and receiving the bows and horn. It looks fantastic. The music from the score is in the scene and it works really well.

I was hoping that we would not see Father Christmas looking like Santa Claus in a red suit and he does not at all.

The most fun is a wardrobe you walk through and enter into a 20 foot snow globe complete with lamp-post and snow frocked trees. The area in the globe gets colder and begins to snow when you are inside. The snow, I was told, is a edible rice-like material, and yes, you have to brush it off of yourself when you exit the globe.

The exhibit is child-oriented but I think it should be. Any fan of the books will enjoy seeing it and getting to experience Narnia in preparation for the movie.

-puddleglum chum