Talks to William and Anna

William Moseley and Anna Popplewell briefly chat about phobias, careers, and their relationship as onscreen brother and sister. You can read the whole article here at

It can be bizarre,” says Anna. “Today I had a normal day at school, then I went to Armani Couture and spent three hours looking for a dress to wear to the premiere, then I went home to do my essays.

“If my friends are jealous, they don’t show it. I’m at an all girls school [North London Collegiate School in Edgware] which could be quite catty but I’ve been very lucky. I had mock GCSEs on the day I got back to school after six months filming so there were 20 minutes of screaming ‘Oh my god, you’re here’ and then it was straight back to ‘Have you done your biology?’ ”

Anna, who like all the young actors had a tutor on set, sat her GCSEs after filming ended in April and got 10 A*s – much to the chagrin of her co-star, Moseley.

“I mean, who gets that?” he asks during their first interview, looking at her disgustedly across the sofa through a mop of unkempt fair hair. “She’ll be world leader soon.”