Video Interview with Howard Berger

Howard Berger

Howard Berger

A 6-minute video interview with Howard Berger, the Prosthetic Effects Supervisor on the film, is now available. The clip is available for Windows Media Player, QuickTime, and RealPlayer. You can view the clip (and a transcript) by clicking here.

Q: What about your contribution to making the most convincing Aslan ever?

A: Well I am really proud of Aslan. Bill Westenhoffer at Rhythm And Hues should get the majority of the credit, they are geniuses there. But it was nice to be initially involved with it. Weta had done a design moquette that was then scanned digitally and we created – based on that digital information – a full size Aslan sculpture for Andrew to look at. He said…wow that’s really big but that’s the size I want. So based on being able to have a full size Aslan staring at all of us we were able to figure out how this would work and what needed to change face wise and what would bring the character to life and then of course we were able to build a variety of articulated mechanical puppets that established the paint scheme and the fur direction. It was a huge task and that information once we were done filming all went to Rhythm And Hues and then they were able to create the digital lion and then adding Liam Neeson was the cherry on the top.

Thanks to ‘Ciboule’ and ‘Phil’ for the heads up!