Aslan on USA Today Front Page

 The front page of USA Today (December 2-4, 2005) features a familiar image of Aslan and the question “Is that lion the King of Kings?” The article discusses the controversary over the Christian elements in the book/film, and how audiences may react. Click here to read the full article. Here’s a clip:

Aslan on USA Today - Dec 2, 2005

Aslan on USA Today - Dec 2, 2005

The book has long charmed children of any or no religion. The movie is, in many ways, faithful to the book — and faithful to the faithful — without sounding the horn of religious orthodoxy.

[Mark] Johnson says you will find Christian symbolism in the movie only if you found it in the book. That’s fair enough, though you will find it if you look closely — or are told to.

Aslan, a sort of Lion King of Kings, is not a mere Christ figure. He is Christ. Lewis said so, calling Aslan a “supposal” of what might have happened if the Lion of Judah had come to another world.

Just don’t tell the kids, Lewis scholars say.

The book is no staid Sunday school lesson: It is a rousing adventure tale that stands on its own, with echoes of larger themes that reverberate in young minds even when children are unsure of the source of the echoes.

Thanks to NarniaWebber ‘northtexan95’ for the heads up!