Canadian Hudson Bay Company Narnia Display

CarrHunger writes us: Up here in Canada it seems that the Canadian owned and operated and longest existing department store, The Canadian Hudson Bay Company, seems to have caught onto the Narnia fever. Two of their Christmas windows feature Narnia as well as posters up and down the escalators, inside the elevators and all over the store. I snapped some pictures of the window displays and thought I would share them with you. There are 8 photos so I will send them with this report and 7 blank reports so you can get them all. The first window has Lucy looking into the Wardrobe with Tumnus (and Narnia) inside. Tumnus is animated and is waving at Lucy. The whole window is complete with the whole attic ceiling look and such but with all the glass reflection (reflecting the street) I couldn’t get that shot. The second is of the White Witch ‘casting’ Tumnus to stone. Tumnus moves back and forth and the Witch waves her wand back and forth while two stone characters look on. Once more a complete shot of the window was not possible due to reflection. Thanks CarrHunger – see photos in our Image Gallery.