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Andrew Adamson

Andrew Adamson


Did you have any of the concerns of the Harry Potter team where you had to worry about them getting too old to do a second movie with them?

Adamson: I thought you were going to ask about them growing. That was a big concern, because Skandar grew six inches. I mean, if you look at him, you’ll see him now and he doesn’t look like the kid in the film. Yeah, it’s somewhat of a concern. I think it depends on how accepting the audience is of the fact that they’re actors, and how much they just want them to be the kids. I think my biggest concern is that they would go do another film and have a bad experience. I was very lucky in that we created a real family environment. I attribute a lot of this to Marc Johnson as well, but going in, I said that I want to create a comfortable environment for these kids. There’s not going to be yelling on the set. People are going to treat them like kids and let them be kids, and my worry would be more that they did a film with somebody who didn’t have that respect for them and that it hurt them.

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