Narnia Happy Meal Details

‘Jonathan’ sent us this report:

Characters from the new Walt Disney Pictures/Walden Media live action theatrical release The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe are climbing through the enchanted wardrobe into McDonald’s Happy Meals and Mighty Kids Meals beginning December 16, 2005 through January 12, 2006. McDonald’s guests will receive one of eight characters and a specially designed pop-up diorama inspired by the film, with the purchase of a Happy Meal® or Mighty Kids Meal®, at participating restaurants nationwide, while supplies last.

Each McDonald’s Happy Meal featuring The Chronicles of Narnia includes an articulated action figure and interactive pop-up book that provides a richly detailed play environment to bring the film to life. Lucy Pevensie and the Wardrobe features a charming Lucy action figure. The door of Lucy’s wardrobe diorama opens so she can enter the mystical world of Narnia on the reverse side. Mr. Tumnus and his Home includes Tumnus, who sports a scarf that doubles as a whistle, and a detailed pop-up book depicting his wintry home. Edmund Pevensie and the White Witch features Edmund and a pop-up sleigh with a 3-D White Witch inside, led by four reindeer. The Mr. Beaver and his Home diorama depicts Mr. Beaver’s abode with pop up furniture – press Mr. Beaver’s tail and he flaps it up and down.

The White Witch and her Castle features The White Witch, Jadis, who raises her wand as if to cast a spell when the lever in her back is pushed, and an elaborate diorama of her castle and dungeon. Susan Pevensie and the Wolves includes a picturesque winter scene diorama with pop-up wolves and Peter with his sword.

Touch the lever on Susan’s back and she raises her magic horn to her lips. Aslan and the Return of Spring features a pop-up dimensional tent for Aslan – press the back of his mane to open and close his mighty jaws. Rounding out the elaborate collection is Peter Pevensie and Aslan’s Army. Peter leads his troops with articulated arms and legs, and the prelude to battle diorama features a pop-up satyr, unicorn, and horse Peter can ride.

UPDATE: We have pictures of the Happy Meal boxes and all the figurines and their accompanying dioramas.  A big thanks goes out to all who sent in images but especially Luiz who got most of these great photos.