Narnia Review Roundup

We have a few very good Narnia reviews for you as well as a link to Rotton Tomatoes and Ebert & Roeper’s audio review. (4/5 stars)
“What The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe really is, is a spectacular adaptation of a fairly nice fantasy tale. It doesn’t just live up to its source material, it surpasses it by finding nuances in the story that C.S. Lewis didn’t.”

Ain’t It Cool News
“Narnia is an excellent film, one that I absolutely loved and will gush about in a few moments. But it’s no Lord of the Rings. It’s a kids film, one that will separate the wheat from the chaff in geek culture as to who still lets their inner child come out to play and who strangled theirs to death with the banality of their own existence years ago.”

This review is very funny and very real. Please be warned though, that as with most AICN reviews, there is some mild language scattered throughout the review and a big whammer right at the end.

Ebert & Roeper have given the film two thumbs up. Click here to listen to their review (the review also features a couple of movie sound clips from the trailers).

Finally, Rotten Tomatoes has some good review snippets listed on their website.

NarniaWebber Danyari has been keeping track carefully of reviews posted on the web and has posted his results in our forum. So far the NarniaMeter is at 91% with 33 reviews. See for yourself by clicking here.